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DeMarco appointed to ninth term as mayor of Shinnston

Shinnston City Council has solidified leadership as part of the beginning of the fiscal year.
Council appointed Sam DeMarco to his ninth term as mayor.
"Every two years we have an organizational meeting where we select a mayor, a vice mayor and our board appointments because our fiscal year begins July 1," Mayor Sam DeMarco said.
DeMarco is honored by the vote of confidence from his colleagues.
"I really enjoy it," he said. "I feel I have some more things to get accomplished as mayor and get those things out there and keep on motivating Shinnston in a positive manner."
DeMarco first began his time in Shinnston politics in 1996 when he was appointed to city council. He first became mayor in 1998 and has held the position since.
He was recently reelected to city council along with Brian Parrish, David Signorelli and Rodney Straight, who all ran unopposed.
Robert Burnett was selected as vice mayor.