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Harrison SCAD unit arrests Sardis man on felony drug charges

A Harrison County man has been arrested on felony drug charges after authorities seized 234 marijuana plants from his farm.
Howard Hickey Jr. was found operating an illicit marijuana grow on his farm in Sardis after a search warrant was executed by the Harrison County Street Crimes and Drug unit, the Sheriff's Departments SWAT team, Patrol Deputies and members of the Natural Resources Police on Thursday.
SCAD seized 234 marijuana plants, eight firearms, weighing scales and other items associated with marijuana cultivation.
The seized marijuana plants have a street value of $2,000 each and --if they were allowed to grow to maturity-- could potentially produce a pound of consumable marijuana per plant, meaning authorities potentially brought in $468,000 worth of plants.
A tip about the operation two weeks prior to the arrest alerted SCAD Deputies, who then began a convert surveillance on the marijuana fields and eventually filmed Hickey tending the marijuana plants.  
Once it was confirmed Hickey was the sole operator, the search warrant was obtained and executed.  
Hickey is in custody and has been charged with two felony counts; Cultivation of Marijuana and Possession of Marijuana with intent to cultivate.   
He was taken before Harrison County Magistrate Warren Davis where his bond was set at $100,000 cash.