Mon County COVID cases spike

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – COVID-19 cases in Mon County have increased 61.7 percent since July 1. The number of new cases in the past five days amounts to about 38 percent of the total cases reported in Mon County. There are now 112 active cases in the county and 153 people have recovered.

Through a social media post, the management of Crab Shack Caribba says one employee has tested positive for the virus. The Suncrest Towne Center location will be closed for cleaning and testing for staff. the complete post is below:

This is to inform the public that one of our staff member tested positive for COVID19. We will be closed for a few days as we get our staff tested who were exposed to this employee. We will also be doing a through deep cleaning of our facility before reopening. This employee was a buser and not a server, therefore was not in direct contact with any customers. This person was wearing both mask and gloves as per our strict policies. No other employee have any symptoms. But we think taking these precautionary steps is for the best interest of every one. It is unfortunate times we live in and living with COVID is a reality for the foreseeable future. Please understand that we are not the first place and we will not be the last. This is the reality. All we can do is practice the highest safety standards and keep each other safe.

“Monongalia County has seen a dramatic spike in COVID-19,” said Dr. Lee B. Smith, MCHD executive director and county health officer. “Theses cases are from restaurants and bar staff, as well as gyms and fitness centers, vacations, barbecues and travel-related exposures.”

Health department staff are struggling to contact trace all the new cases and will begin working seven days a week.

People who believe they could have been exposed should self-monitor for symptoms, which include shortness of breath, fever, dry
cough, headache, nausea, vomiting, muscle aches and loss of smell.

Health officials encourage people who like to contact trace on a volunteer basis to call 304-598-5100.