Mon County Director of Facilities retires after 30 years

MORGANTOWN, W. Va. – Monongalia County Director of Facilities, Bobby Doyle announced his retirement after 30 years of service.

Mon County Commission President, Sean Sikora regrets the loss of Doyle to the team but acknowledged the financial saving he brings to the county every year by completing many projects in-house that could have gone out for bid.

“Budget time was always a fun time because that’s when I really got to know how much you really save this county and how much your foot print and your finger prints are really all over this county.” Sikora said.

The projects Doyle completed with his crews this year save the county more than $1.8 million. They are gas line repair at the Mon County Health Department, sidewalk at the Mylan Park 4-H Extension Building, new kitchen at the Youth Services Center, dining hall at the Mason Dixon Park, a new IT building on River Road, a Forensic Room at the Mon County Sheriff’s Department, garage doors and HVAC at the MECCA 911 Center, Chestnut Ridge warming hut and a new Planning Commission room at the courthouse.

Doyle has maintained all county buildings, completed new construction, managed the County Motor Pool, Canine Adoption Center and Litter Control Office since 1990.

It’s actualy just fitting that we talk about this in this room because this room is from your group,” Commissioner Tom Bloom said,” When people walk here it is clearly very impressive.”

According to MECCA 911 Director Jimmy Smith, Doyle has been availble on short notice to disinfect contaminated buildings and work areas during the pandemic to keep county workers going.

“Anything we’ve needed during this event Bobby has been there for us,’ Smith said,” We bother him on the weekends and we bother him in the evenings.”

Former Commissioner, Ed Hawkins came back to the public meeting to recognize Doyle for support while he was in office and his service to the citizens of Monongalia County.

“I don’t think I could have ever been half of the commissioner I could have been without his aid and assistance,” Hawkins said.

As for Doyle, he has been granted lifetime access to the shooting range at the Mon County Sheriff’s Department- one that he and his built.

“I would like to thank the staff that got me to this point that I’m at now,” Doyle said,” Like I’ve always said, surround yourself with good people and they will make you look good and that’s happened in the 30 years I’ve been here.”