MORGANTOWN, W.Va. Crews from the West Virginia Department of Highways (DOH) have been treating roads for the last 24 to 16 hours in preparation for the weekend winter forecast. DOH District 4 Engineer Mike Daly told WAJR News crews are fully staffed and will be working 24-hour shifts through the event.

“We’ve had our trucks and tanks out distributing liquid salt brine and applying it to the asphalt roads to prepare for the storm,” Daly said.

MetroNews Accuweather Meteorologist Courtney Travis believes temperatures will stay just above freezing long enough to limit snow accumulation in the Morgantown area.

“Which is going to allow for less snow accumulation for tomorrow and more rain to mix in,” Travis said. “I do still think there is potential for those snow showers and a light accumulation into Sunday.”

DOH crews are prepared for those snow totals to be higher in the mountain areas. With that in mind, Daly said they are prepared to quickly shift or combine snow removal and treatment operations.

“If it builds up to where we have to plow, we have the equipment set up, and we’re ready to move on,” Daly said.

During winter driving conditions, Daly asks motorists to be alert and watch for DOH operations while traveling this weekend. He said the trucks have limited visibility while conducting winter weather response operations.

“Slow down; that’s the biggest thing; give us plenty of room to work; and don’t get too close to the vehicle, especially when they are spreading salt and plowing snow,” Daly said.