MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — The Mountain Line Transit Authority will seek a renewal of the county public transit excess levy during the 2024 primary election.

A resolution passed by the Mountain Line Transit Authority Board of Directors shows that the levy rates would remain unchanged from their original passage in 2016 and the renewal passed by voters in 2020. This will include 2.2 cents per $100 assessed value on Class II (residential) property and 4.4 cents per $100 on Class III and IV (commercial) property that will contribute millions to the public transportation provider for purchases such as 20 new vehicles for over $7 million with the help of federal funding supported by a levy match.

“So this last levy has allowed us to purchase 20 new buses, about $1.5 million in levy funds matched the $6.176 million in federal funds,” said Mountain Line General Manager Maria Smith.

Mountain Line would receive $2,223,973 annually for four years, beginning on July 1, 2025. This would bring a total of over $8.8 million over the period, which would be used to fund bus services across Monongalia County and equipment purchases. Funds would also be used to support any programs that have been part of an annual 41,000 hours of extra service provided since the first levy was passed in 2016.

“This levy is to be at the same rates as it was in 2020, and as it was in 2016 when it first passed,” said Smith. “So we’re not increasing the rates but we are asking for a continuation of it,” she said.

According to Smith, the goals for the Mountain Line Transit Authority with the new round of funds would be used to further support the expansion of services put in place since 2016. If the annual allocation is passed by voters, $500,000 will be earmarked for equipment purchases, and just over $1.7 million will support bus service. This will allow for services to continue to places such as WestRidge, Mylan Park, Fort Pierpont, and Suncrest Towne Centre as the Morgantown area continues to grow.

“Service goes to new and growth areas in our county and to help increase frequency,” said Smith. “So we’re just going to continue on that path so that we can replace and have updated equipment,” she said.

The Mountain Line Transit Authority also has confidence that the levy will maintain its current trend that started in 2016, when the original transit levy received 63 percent of the vote. The levy was renewed in 2020 with a 66.82 percent approval rate, and a minimum of 60 percent approval is required for the 2024 levy to pass during the West Virginia Primary Election. As the May 14 election day grows closer, Smith says residents will continue to hear from Mountain Line as they release more information on what will be on the ballot.

“We’re going to begin posting some information, how much does it cost to me, just some frequently asked questions regarding the levy, we’re going to start posting that on our website,” said Smith. “So everybody keep an eye out on at,” she said.