WESTOVER, W.Va. The Monongalia County Republican Executive Committee invites everyone regardless of party affiliation to the “Red, White, & You: A Republican Mixer” Saturday, Jan. 27 at the Westover VFW Post 9916 at 340 Holland Avenue from 1 to 4 p.m.

The event includes refreshments, pizza, and the WVU-Oklahoma State basketball game at 2 p.m. Beer and mixed drinks will also be available for purchase.

On WAJR’s “Talk of the Town,” Vice Chair of the Monongalia County Executive Committee Paula Martinelli said they’ll be able to answer questions about the upcoming election and how to participate in the process beyond just casting a ballot.

“This is a party putting it on, but we welcome anyone who wants to learn more about how to engage in elections, how to engage the county clerk’s office, and how to become a poll worker,” Martinelli said.

Martinelli stressed that this is a social event, and there won’t be a big political speech or ask of those in attendance. There will be people available to answer questions ranging from the basic to the detailed, all in an open setting.

“We’re not going to stand up and talk to people for any length of time,” Martinelli said. “We will help you if you want to know your voting precincts, you want to know how to register to vote, or you want to know more about becoming a poll worker and how to connect with the county clerk’s office.”

Politics is a very polarizing topic in the news and in the neighborhood today, and this event is designed to drop the “temperature” to allow people to interact freely regardless of party.

“We want to provide a venue that makes it a little easier for people to come learn a little more about it in a relaxed setting,” Martinelli said.

Free, open conversation and everyone enjoying a WVU win is the goal of the program while getting people engaged in the process.

“This gives people that opportunity too,” Martinelli said. “To come out and talk about what they’re thinking and feeling, and we will provide those opportunities as well to engage with elected officials and candidates.