MORGANTOWN, W.Va. FirstEnergy Corp. is reminding those celebrating Valentine’s Day with metallic helium balloons to stay away from powerlines.

Spokesperson Hannah Catlett said last year there were more than 100 outages blamed on metallic balloons in powerlines across the six-state service area.

“We consider it a success that it is a decrease compared to recent years, but we really do strive to continue to decrease that number,” Catlett said.

While the numbers are down, February marks a traditional increase in the sales of foil balloons related to Valentine’s Day. company experienced

Always use caution around powerlines, use weights that are sufficient to keep the balloon from floating away, and puncture or deflate balloons that are no longer in use.

“The foil ones are coated in a metallic coating, and that conducts electricity, so if it gets stuck in our powerlines, it will damage our equipment,” Catlett said.

If there is an incident involving a balloon around a powerline, residents should call 888-544-4877. Always stay away from powerlines and assume they are all live.

“If a balloon does get away from you, we want people to call us,” Catlett said. “There is serious risk involved for people who try to get their own balloon.”