MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – In Morgantown, work is underway on the new Marilla Park Aquatic Center, and some visuals of the final product have been released.

March-Westin was awarded the job in November 2023 to replace the 65-year-old pool in the lower part of the park with a new aquatic center in the upper part of the park for a contract amount of about $12.1 million.

“We’re excited to have broken ground, and we’re moving forward,” Fifth Ward Councilor and BOPARC Board Member Danielle Trumble said. “They’re already up there moving dirt and digging the lap lanes this week.”

Replacing the existing pool has been on the project list for BOPARC for the last few years due to the age of the facility and reliability issues with some equipment.

“The Marilla Pool as it stands is well past its’ life expectancy, and we’ve had issues with it off and on since before my time on the BOPARC Board, and that’s been the last five or six years,” Trumble said.

The new facility will feature a zero-grade entry, a lazy river that encircles the complex, a deeper portion with swimming lanes, a spray-ground area, water slides, and areas of shade.

“An aquatic complex with some slides, a kids play area, and a splash pad that I’m very excited about because that will allow us to extend our water season,” Trumble said.

Before the traditional Memorial Day opening and after Labor Day closing, the splash pad area will be able to remain open as long as the weather allows. Providing more opportunities for residents to use the facility and a longer revenue period for the facility.

“If it gets to be 80 degrees in May, we can open it, and when we have to close in mid-August because of staffing, we can have that splash pad open until September,” Trumble said.

When complete, the administrative offices will move to the upper portion of the park with the new aquatic center, leaving the Marilla Center for public rentals.

The project, with contingencies and fees, is budgeted to cost $14.2 million.

The facility is expected to open in 2025.