MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – The Mountaineer Area Council of the Boy Scouts of America has appointed Amy Garbrick as the president of the Executive Board. The appointment makes Garbrick the first female to lead the Executive Board.

Garbrick has four years of experience on the Executive Board and most recently served as vice president. The board is responsible for making sure scout packs and troops are properly operated throughout the 12-county Mountaineer Council.

“We help ensure the Boy Scouts program in northcentral West Virginia is running the organization according to National BSA standards,” Garbrick said. “So, we oversee everything from finance, membership, activities, and training, and the Executive Board manages all that for the non-profit organization.”

Scouting is available to all area students, boys and girls. Garbrick hopes her appointment will open more eyes to the possibilities for girls in scouting.

“If you are in kindergarten or up, scouts are available to you, boys and girls,” Garbrick said. “We’re really getting the word out that scouting is still very much alive; it’s thriving in north-central West Virginia, and there are opportunities for every child in the area.”

Camp Mountaineer in the Morgantown area has more than 1,000 acres as its base of operations. The facility has been in use since 1954 and has gradually been improved and upgraded over the years.

“We have a five-week resident summer camp in June and July at Camp Mountaineer,” Garbrick said. “And we have everything from a 60-foot climbing tower to a one-quarter-mile tandem zip line, state-of-the-art shooting, and a beautiful lake to offer a lot of aquatic activities.”

Garbrick says many of the lessons and experiences young people gain in scouting shape their futures. Scouts are exposed to very important lessons early and learn the value of hard work and sacrifice.

“Our program is really focused on leadership, character, citizenship, and fitness,” Garbrick said. “And we teach those core values to girls the exact same way we do boys.”

West Virginia University will host the Merit Badge University for the Scouts on Saturday, February 24. The event begins with an opening ceremony at 9 a.m. in the Mountainlair, then multiple opportunities for scouts to earn merit badges. Garbrick said up to 300 scouts are expected to attend the vent from five states.

“All the classes are being taught by WVU faculty and staff in those specialty areas,” Garbrick said. “It will last all day, and we will have a closing ceremony in Mountainlair at about 4:15 p.m.”