MORGANTOWN, W.Va. Former North Elementary School vice principal, Carol Muniz, has been found not guilty of battery against a student.

The charges were filed after detectives from the Morgantown Police Department reviewed classroom surveillance footage from January 2023. The footage showed Muniz, a member of the safety response team, striking the student with ADHD in the back of the head with a fist.

Her attorney was able to show the 8-year-old boy was repeatedly hitting, kicking, and trying to trip Muniz. She threw her arm out after being directly in the face of the student and hit him in the head.

At the time, Muniz and principal Natalie Webb were placed on administrative leave while an internal investigation was being conducted.

Monongalia County School officials contend her contract was terminated for failing to report the incident and another incident that went unreported.

Muniz has since retired.

The details of the case against Natalie Webb are unclear.