PHILIPPI, W.Va. Two people have been charged in Barbour County after police discovered fleas crawling in a child’s hair on Friday.

Deputies from the Barbour County Sheriff’s Department made the discovery at a residence on Perin Street in Century when they made contact with Isaac Gordon and Brenda Upton, both 22.

Deputies also learned about several unreported domestic incidents between the couple, including the day when Gordon produced a handgun from a neighbor and fired it into the floor of the bedroom.

Deputies said they observed a bullet hole in the floor of the bedroom, corresponding with the report.

Upton also told deputies about an unreported incident that happened about a month ago when Gordon choked her in front of the two toddlers in the residence.

Deputies also said they observed roaches, dirty diapers, bags of trash, dog feces and urine, dirty clothes, and dirty baby bottles, and one of the children was forced to sleep on the couch because a cat was sleeping in the child’s bassinette.

Deputies also said that in addition to fleas crawling in one toddler’s hair, everyone in the home slept regularly in the living room.

Gordon has been charged with wanton endangerment, strangulation, and two counts of child neglect. Upton has been charged with two counts of child neglect.

Both are being held in the Tygart Valley Regional Jail.