– by Ethan Collins

BLACKVILLE, W.Va.– Long-time Clay-Battelle High School football coach Ryan Wilson officially announced he is stepping down as head coach after 29 seasons.

“I’m not sure I’ve had enough, but I know it’s time to step away,” Wilson said. “It was in the back of my mind when football season ended. I did some soul-searching over the winter. I think I just came to the point that it’s time.”

Wilson, who served as an assistant on the Clay-Battelle staff for 11 years before being named head coach, posted a 187-112-1 record.

“As a young person. I loved sports, and just wanted to coach.” Wilson said “I was fortunate enough to become a head coach. I enjoyed being around the players. Game planning with my coaches, and all those memories we made along the way.”

Wilson took over as head coach in 1995. The Cee Bees made the playoffs 13 times and won five Mason-Dixon Conference championships. In 2014, the Cee Bees reached the semifinals and posted an 11-2 record, the best in school history.

“I look at the community as an extension of my family,” Wilson said. “I went to school here. Everyone was always very supportive.”

“As for my family, people have no idea the sacrifices they (his family) give. We have it pretty lucky now with the turf field, in terms of not having to mow or water the field, and my kids hated it. I remember my daughter taking her baby dolls and playing in the field house. That was time away from them for Clay-Battelle football. I still give all the thanks to them and my wife (Terry).”