MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – Retired West Virginia Air National Guard General and Republican candidate for U.S. Congress in the Second District, Chris “Mookie” Walker, reports robust fund-raising efforts with the May primary a little more than one month away.

On WAJR’s “Talk of the Town,” Walker said he has been in the race for Congress for one quarter and has received donations from nearly 15,000 supporters in all 50 states.

“Yesterday was the end of that quarter, and we got to report over $500,000 in donations,” Walker said. “I did not expect that, and I think I am blessed, and the people of West Virginia are hearing my message.”

Among his opponents for the Republican nomination is Riley Moore, a familiar family name with a rich political heritage in the state. But Walker says for some that history is too much; voters are craving a fresh face and new ideas.

“In their minds, they’re saying, should we have a governor, a senator, and a congressman all from one family?” Walker asked. “In their minds, they say that sounds like the establishment.”

On foreign policy issues, Walker would use the $300 million in frozen Russian assets to fund the Ukrainian fight and reserve taxpayer money to first find a solution to the southern border. Taking the threat from China seriously is also a priority after Chinese President Xi Jinping ordered his armed forces to be prepared for war with the United States in 2027.

“Let’s not use our taxpayer money for that,” Walker said. “Why don’t we use our taxpayer money to fix the United States, the southern border, and procure the weapons we will need when the balloon goes up with China?”

Between now and election day, Walker said he’ll be traveling from county to county talking to supporters, and trying to swing more support into his camp.

“I’m going to be coming around and visiting VFWs, American Legions, and community centers in every county I can within this district because I think West Virginians need to see and talk to me in order to know me.”

Also in the race for the Republican nomination in the Second Congressional District are Dennis “Nate” Cain, Joseph “Joe” Early, Alexander Gasserud, and Riley Moore.