MILL CREEK, W.Va. Deputies from the Randolph County Sheriff’s Department have arrested and charged a teacher at Tygart Valley High School with possession of methamphetamine.

Deputies were deployed to the school parking lot with a K-9 unit to perform free air sniffs on Tuesday, April 9, after they received tips that a teacher at the school was selling drugs.

Deputies said the K-9 unit alerted multiple times to a pickup truck owned by William Hamilton, 60, of Webster Springs.

Hamilton was removed from class and administered his Miranda rights prior to questioning. Hamilton told deputies that if there was a controlled substance in his vehicle, it could have been left there by someone who borrowed the truck and had several people in it.

As questioning continued, Hamilton admitted to frequently using methamphetamine or other controlled substances and had done so within the last 48 hours. Hamilton then gave deputies permission to search his vehicle.

Deputies recovered a piece of aluminum foil with burnt residue on it and several small chunks of a crystal substance, which field tested positive for methamphetamine.

Hamilton has been charged with possession of a controlled substance.

On the Tygart Valley High School website, Hamilton is listed as a driver’s education instructor.