MONONGALIA COUNTY, W.Va. The western end of Monongalia County has again felt the brunt of spring storms and rain.

On WAJR’s “Talk of the Town,” MECCA 911 Execution Director Jim Smith said the rainfall totals from Morgantown to Wadestown tell the story.

“We have only had.82 inches of rain in Morgantown,” Smith said. “We haven’t even had an inch of rain in town, but out in the western end, it’s up to 2.27 inches of rain, so they’ve had some pretty good rain out in the western end.”

During the storm, trees were reported down at Little Indian Creek Road and Mason Dixon Highway, White Day Creek Road, Little Falls Road, and Beulah and Pixler Hill Roads.

“Out off of Mason Dixon Highway near the Zeb Haught Road near Crossroads Road last night, we had a vehicle into the creek, and they had to do a water rescue in that area,” Smith said.

Currently, Smith reported one mudslide in a remote area and advised residents to steer clear of the western end.

“Out in the Wadeston area, Zeb Haught Road and Crossroads Roads are still shut down,” Smith said.

This is the second week of significant rainfall, resulting in very saturated ground conditions. The saturated ground conditions combined with wind can make the soil holding the roots unstable, causing the tree to fall.

“If you know of an area where you have trees that appear to be leaning or something and you’ve had a lot of rain, you need to keep an eye on those,” Smith said.