CHARLESTON, W.Va. — FirstEnergy subsidiaries Mon Power and Potomac Edison are proposing a customer refund, including interest, due to miscalculated costs from a previous base rate case and misapplied overhead costs.

The proposed $2.5 million refund is for a misallocation of costs from the 2013 test year in the last base rate case filed by First Energy. The company will also refund $54,000 due to incorrectly applied administrative, general, and overhead costs to capital project expenses from 2020 to 2022.

First Energy will submit an updated filing to the state Public Service Commission with an updated calculation for the one-time credit that will be disbursed in July 2024.

The credit will be identified on the bill as ”Refund for Noneligible Costs.”

Officials said the refund amounts will vary widely based on average kilowatt-hour consumption per household.