RANDOLPH COUNTY, W.Va. –– A Randolph County resident is facing multiple felonies after firing a weapon to “scare cats away.”

Police responded to the East Dailey area of Randolph County and made contact with Seth Dewitt, 33, who told them he had no knowledge of shots being fired in the area.

The police then went to speak with the caller, who told them that they had heard gunshots from their living room and saw a man pointing a pistol at the driveway of a home next door.

The witness also provided a description and said the subject fired three shots before going back inside.

At the home, police saw Dewitt through the front door, attempting to climb into the attic.

Dewitt then told police that he was a convicted felon and was trying to hide the weapon in the attic, and he gave them permission to go get it.

After police found four pistols, four rifles, and one shotgun, Dewitt admitted to discharging a firearm to scare a cat out of his yard.

Police said Dewitt also admitted to several serious felony charges in the state of Florida, including possession of a short-barreled rifle or machine gun, possession of controlled substances, and armed burglary of a dwelling. All offenses that make owning a firearm for Dewitt illegal.

Dewitt is facing nine felony counts of prohibited person in possession of a firearm and is being held at Tygart Valley Regional Jail in lieu of a $40,000 bond.