MONONGALIA COUNTY, W.Va. — Thanks to House Bill 3332 Monongalia County now has six total magistrates. The last time there at least five magistrates in the county was 20-years ago, that fifth judicial official was moved in the early 2000’s to Mercer County.

Since that magistrate was moved case loads in Monongalia County increased to 6,500 in 2021 and to 6,700 in 2022. Magistrates have been required to hear as many as 15 cases a day, now that number is expected to go down allowing magistrates adequate time to review cases and make decisions.

From a citizen’s standpoint, the additional magistrates will help ensure quicker court dates and will help keep courts from getting behind.

In Division 4, incumbent Sandy Holepit had 9,654 votes defeating challenger Arlie Campbell who had 4,774 votes.

Tanya Rachelle Rodgers won a three-way race for the Magistrate seat in Division 6 by 131 votes. Rodgers had 4,643 votes; Mark Myers ended with 4,512; and Curt Thomas had 4,331 votes.

In Division 3, Pete Tennant had 9,761 votes to 3,340 for Charles Hartzog. Incumbent Jim Nabors did not run for reelection Division 3.

“I think the single biggest thing is being places, meeting people and letting them associate a name with a face,” Tennant said.

Of the six magistrate divisions in Monongalia County three were contested. Ron Bane in Division 1, Tim Pocius in Division 2, and Ponch Reyes in Division 5 all ran unopposed.