CHARLESTON, W.Va. Vandalia Health will soon celebrate the second anniversary of the merger between Mon Health and the Charleston Area Medical Center. Now, the health system has 14 hospitals, from the far south in the state to the full service offerings in Charleston, the Davis Health System, Mon Health facilities in Morgantown, and affiliations with Grafton City Hospital, Highland-Clarksburg Hospital, and the Minnie Hamilton Health System.

On MetroNews “Talkline,” Executive Vice President of Vandalia Health David Goldberg said the philosophy has been to take care of the people and increase access. The network includes more than 190 outpatient options for residents of West Virginia, Maryland, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Virginia; more than 2,000 providers; and more than 13,000 employees that pull it all together.

“Last year, we did more than 1.7, almost 1.8 million patient interactions,” Goldberg said. “The whole goal of Vandalia coming together was to reduce costs, improve access, and bring things close to home.”

The investments will expand facilities, build new hospitals, consolidate specialty services, build a $20 million neurosciences institute and add many other improvements to enhance the delivery of care.

“We have a capital plan that is investing more than $150 million over the next couple years into our hospitals, clinics, programs, and equipment to make sure people have access to take care of themselves and we can be their chosen provider to help them on their health care journey,” Goldberg said.

The hub and spoke concept provides basic care options in small communities in rural areas, with primary and specialty care options available at one of the affiliates or neighborhood hospitals close to the patient and family.

“We made more than 50,000 visits last year alone doing that,” Goldberg said. “To keep people close to home and not having to burn the rubber across the potholes of West Virginia and to get to the doctors they need when they need them.”

Vandalia Health procured a fleet of mobile units and created a network of telemedicine centers to meet patients where they are with what they need. Patients are able to walk into an office in their community to diagnose an issue, and if needed, higher levels of care can be scheduled nearby.

“Going out into the communities around West Virginia with telemedicine capabilities and exam rooms to be able to offer care in rural communities—get them access and get it close to home,” Goldberg said.

Vandalia plans to build a new $56 million hospital in Weston that will have the latest medical technology in a modern environment and a $30 million renovation and expansion of the Teays Valley Hospital emergency room and inpatient area. Also included in the plans is a new 20,000-square-foot small-format hospital in Harrison County that will be very similar to the Mon Health Marion Neighborhood Hospital.

“We also are creating beds for crisis stabilization at Grafton City Hospital so people who have substance use disorders can get immediate help in the continuity of care.”

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