This story was written by Joe Nelson

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — The highly anticipated Marilla Park Aquatic Center is on track to be completed by the projected December 2024 finish date.

BOPARC Executive Director Melissa Wiles offered an update on the construction of the approximately $14.6 million project, where she reported that the construction of the facility’s two main buildings is close to being complete, with the pool and aquatic area currently being dug out for a concrete pour. The paving of a new parking lot and the replacement of an old playground are also part of the project, both of which are scheduled to be completed sometime in the summer, concurrently with other aspects of the new aquatic center.

“It looks like probably the actual building structures will be complete late summer, early fall,” said Wiles on the construction update. “At some point, in mid-summer, we’re likely going to start concentrating on all of the different pool areas,” she said.

The new Marilla Park Aquatic Center will include a general admission building and a second that will be home to aquatic center equipment and the new BOPARC administrative offices. The replacement of the old Marilla Park Pool, located a short walk away from the over 70 year-old closing facility, will also have zero-grade entry, a spray-ground area, water slides, and a lazy river to go along with a pool that is expected to be significantly bigger than the pool it will replace. With major equipment related to large scale facility upkeep already purchased, Wiles expects aquatic focused equipment (filtration systems, water pumps) to be purchased as the concrete for the pool settles in the summer.

“There is some very focused equipment that had to be ordered because it was all aquatic based,” said Wiles. “And we found with other projects, that some of that more focused equipment doesn’t have the longer lead times that some other mechanical based stuff does, so we really haven’t had any issues,” she said.

Wiles also added that an expanded parking lot is also part of the project, which will be located directly across from the new Marilla Park Aquatic Center entrance. This will add to the 40 or so parking spaces that are currently a part of Marilla Park as well as create an easy access point for visitors to safely go to the general admission building. Paving will continue to take place throughout the summer as weather permits.

“It looks like they’re going to be able to fit over 100 spaces there, and it’s all going to be elongated,” said Wiles. “So it will run right along the roadway at ground level, so you’re going to be able to go into the admin area,” she said.

When completed, the new Marilla Park Aquatic Center will replace the long standing Marilla Park Pool, which is scheduled for demolition in late 2024, early 2025. Pending any sudden delays in construction, residents should see the expanded parking lot completed within the next couple of months, with the administrative and equipment buildings expected to be completed a short time later. The hope is that when December 2024 is reached, the new Marilla Park Aquatic Center will be ready to open in 2025.

“We’re looking forward to moving forward with this, and we can’t wait to open it next summer,” said Wiles. “We will be operating at the current Marilla Pool, of course, until the end of the season,” she said.

March-Westin is completing construction on the new Marilla Park Aquatic Center.



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