MORGANTOWN, W.Va. –Commissioners in Monongalia County approved a one-time payment to ensure the Bartlett House can meet payroll obligations through the month of June.

Commissioners and the city of Morgantown will each allocate a one-time payment of $17,500 as a stop-gap while officials work on negotiations to bring a new operator to the facility.

“This request is for $17,500 to match our half that will be matched by the city as a one-time payment to cover payroll for employees through the end of June,” Sikora said.

Initial reports from Bartlett Housing Solutions said they would be solvent through the month of June, but that forecast has changed. Now, officials are concerned about keeping the workforce in place that has knowledge of the facility and clients.

“If another group is brought in to continue the operations, which is the solution we’re working toward to continue a seamless operation, it’s essential to keep these employees that are engaged and willing to stay.”

Arnett is also a board member of Morgantown Community Resources (MCR), the entity that manages Hazel’s House of Hope. She said there have been ongoing negotiations with an organization to be named that will soon take over shelter operations.

“The new entity, which Morgantown Community Resources (MCR) has been helping to shepherd and negotiating with the current board of Bartlett Housing Solutions, can hopefully take over in July and run the entity going forward,” Arnett said.

The Bartlett House name will likely be phased out, but due to grant funding requirements, the operator will retain the name for an unspecified amount of time. Arnett said the new operator at Hazel’s House of Hope will be responsible for the apartments there as well as the homeless shelter operation.

“I believe that even with this new plan, the apartments on West Run will still be run, owned, maintained, and controlled by the Bartlett House,” Arnett said.

Commissioner Tom Bloom acknowledged the importance of working toward a solution and keeping the employees informed of the facilities, rules, and procedures while the negotiations are finalized.

“This is a one-time, I want to make it clear, a one-time consideration because we realize the urgency of the situation,” Bloom said.

Arnett said Bartlett Housing Solutions Board President Nick DiMedici has been helpful and transparent through the process.

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