FAIRMONT, W.Va. — The Fairmont State University Board of Governors has approved their policy to meet the implication guidelines for the Campus Self Defense Act passed by state lawmakers in 2023.

“Fairmont State takes this law and the possession of concealed handguns on campus very seriously,” said President Mike Davis. “In consultation with campus leadership, I established the Campus Carry Committee (CCC) in Fall 2023 to study and recommend relevant actions. The committee thoroughly researched and vigorously discussed the issues, resulting in an outstanding list of suggestions. The Board of Governors’ approval of Policy #GA-08 formalizes Fairmont State’s approach.”

The policy was developed with input from the student body and Student Government Association through forum that have enabled thoughtfull and clear communication about the law and what it means.

“During our student forum, held near the end of the spring semester, we heard from both a student who owns firearms and another who had been affected by gun violence,” said Davis. “Both students had an opportunity to respectfully express their perspectives in an ideologically neutral setting. I’m proud of them, of the Student Government Association for hosting that forum, and of all campus constituencies for the respectful way they’ve approached campus carry.”

BOG Policy #GA-08 specifies where deadly weapons can be possessed by a current and valid concealed handgun license holder. The policy also provides exceptions including residence hall rooms, events of 1,000 people or more, at disciplinary hearings, or in areas where patient care or mental health counseling is provided.

The University will be completely in compliance with the law by July 1. Compliance includes signage on the doors of all spaces where concealed carry is prohibited and providing expanded FAQs on the Campus Carry website.

In July and August, additional signage will be posted, new infographics will be developed, and a new communication plan will be implemented.

The fall semester at Fairmont State University August 26. New students will be gin themove-in process August 22.

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