MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — An agreement to help improve wi-fi services at Mylan Park will officially move forward.

The Monongalia County Commission approved a request from the Mylan Park Aquatic and Track Center to allocate approximately $7,750 towards installing an “advanced firewall” to help upgrade wireless internet capabilities around Mylan Park facilities. This follows the announcement of an agreement between Mylan Park and internet provider CityNet to allow service equipment to be used at the county event and activities hub. The commission approved the request as part of their regular meeting on Wednesday.

“It’s a great deal to be able to utilize that equipment, and bring it to Mylan Park to further the connectivity in the actual park,” said Commissioner Sean Sikora ahead of voting in approval of the fund allocation.

The equipment installation comes from an agreement between Mylan Park and CityNet where the internet provider would donate the majority of the equipment needed to facilitate connection upgrades around facility grounds. The equipment was transferred after the closure of the now-defunct Alderson-Broaddus College, with the “advanced firewall” being one of the last pieces needed to complete the wi-fi upgrades at Mylan Park. With the majority of the legwork already completed, the commission felt approving the relatively low fund request was an easy decision to make.

“The staff at the Aquatic and Track Center at Mylan Park actually worked out a deal with CityNet to repurpose some equipment that was used at Alderson-Broaddus College,” said Sikora, detailing the work taken independently from the commission. “It’s a great deal to be able to utilize that equipment,” he said.

For members of the commission and Mylan Park officials, the wi-fi service upgrades come at an important time when growth and development continue to show positive momentum at the multi-purpose venue. This includes the hosting of several athletic and community events throughout the summer as well as the opening of the KOA Campground, which is scheduled to take place next year. Not incorporating any other events that might get scheduled over the next few months, the upgrades needed for the wi-fi services at Mylan Park will not have come at a better time.

“This firewall piece of equipment is the last piece of equipment they need to do the installation,” said Sikora. “It will make wi-fi access a lot better in the park as we start to experience a lot of larger events,” he said.

Pending any last-minute snags in the agreement, the wi-fi “advanced firewall” upgrades are expected to be installed by the time the KOA Campground is set to open next spring. This will be one of several amenities that will be a part of the campsite that will account for 145 full hookup RV sites, not including any upgrades that could be made independently by Mylan Park officials over the next six months. With a major selling point for visitors now taken care of, Mylan Park appears ready to expand on their offerings.

“It will make wi-fi access a lot better in the park as we start to experience a lot of larger events this summer at the park,” Sikora said.

The commission also approved that their regular meeting scheduled for July 17 be canceled.

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