Bartini Prime doing school lunches, looking for volunteers

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – Mon County Schools have been providing meals since the school shutdown and are now up to about 2,000 meals prepared each day. Superintendent Dr. Eddie Campbell says since the virus has spread and Governor Justice issued an executive order to stay home staffing has become a problem.

“Well over 2,000 meals served yesterday(Monday, March 16), but it was a real struggle for us from a personnel standpoint,”Dr. Campbell said,”We knew we were not going to be able to continue to do this with our own folks.”

Campbell says Justin Byers from Bartini Prime has offered to prepare and deliver food purchased by the school.

“We’re going to do prepackaged meals, things that are easy to prepare at home,”Byers said,”We’re going to deliver five breakfasts and five lunches every Thursday.”

The meals will be delivered to 15 of the most popular bus stops in the county.

“If you can’t get to one of those bus stops, at, there’s a place where you can type what you need,”Byers said,”As long as we have your phone number we have different set of people that will help get to the people that cannot get to the bus stop.”

The volunteers will work in a large warehouse (The Summit Tennis Academy, court 4)to ensure proper distancing, and Byers wants to get enough volunteers to rotate shifts to allow people to quarantine as needed. Byers says the volunteer work shifts will be from four to six hours.

Sysco donated a refrigerated truck and Mona Supply has provided a refrigerated truck to store milk in. Additionally, Byers says the entire community has been very helpful and generous in making sure the students get what they need.