41st Cherry River Festival Wraps Up Saturday Night

RICHWOOD, W.Va. — Richwood’s 41st week-long Cherry River Festival came to an end Saturday night, successfully marking it’s end with a Grand Parade.

This year the Festival celebrated the 100th anniversary of Richwood High School as it’s theme.

In addition to the daily dose of live music since the Festival began on Monday, firemen from all across the region were put front and center during a parade Friday in their honor.

The parades are perhaps the largest attraction offered by the Cherry River Festival, with thousands turning out to line the streets and watch the fanfare.

“My grandchildren are in the parade, and I generally got to come this way to watch it of course,” long-time Festival attendee David Acree said.

While Richwood’s population is just a shade over 2,000 people, the festival usually brings far more into the town.

“From what I talked to people around, it’s been a real good turn out this year,” Acree said. “Real good turn out.”

Acree also said, even though he couldn’t quite put his finger on it, that the parades seemed to be livelier than usual this year.

“It’s better than the past several years,” he said. “For some reason it was better this year. There was just more activity in the parade.”

The festival also includes pageants, a kids night, and a 5K run.