Albright first responder dies in the line of duty Easter Sunday

ALBRIGHT, W.Va. – A volunteer fireman from Albright with 29 years of experience, Charles “Chuck” Miller, 62, was killed Easter Sunday while responding to the station for a brush fire. Albright Volunteer Fire Department chief Owen Evans said investigators are still looking into the crash.

“When he pulled out onto North Preston Highway there’s a real sharp turn, he went around the turn and never straightened back out,” Evans said,” So, we’re not sure what happened he just went around in a circle and his car went into a big ditch.”

Miller’s nephew was a member of the team responding, but was taken home when word was received his uncle did not survive the crash.

“The rest of the guys went to work and got the fire out and did what they had to do,” Evans said,” They seem to be coping pretty good, but I’m not going to lie to you it’s pretty difficult.”

Over his 29 years of service Miller became a “go to” guy for many needs of the department, according to Evans. Miller had a background in truck driving and helped with maintenance and transporting other department equipment for service and repair. Miller also played a role in mentoring younger firefighters.

“He’s a current captain of our volunteer fire department here. He has served as chief in the past, served as captain, lieutenant, chief engineer a few times over the years,” Evans said,” Has 29 years service and a heart the size of Texas.”

Preston County Delegate Rolland Jennings held a moment of silence for Miller the House gaveled into session Monday. A funeral with full honors for Miller is planned in the near future.

“Great servant to his community he enjoyed being part of it, loved it,” Evans said,” He was definitely one of those people that loved what he was doing and would apologize when he thought he wasn’t doing enough.”