Alderson Broaddus confirms three students accused in Morgantown robbery

PHILIPPI, W.Va. — Alderson Broaddus University officials have confirmed that three men arrested in a Morgantown robbery investigation are students at the school.

Morgantown police arrested Marquez Alexander Wing, 20, of Mount Airy, MD., Malik Levon Cobb, 19, of Martinsburg and Daniel Joseph Eppard, 19, of Winchester, Va. during a traffic stop near Grafton Road and Scott Avenue.

“Through their chief of police, we have learned that an incident involving three of our students occurred in Morgantown, WV Wednesday evening. This event led to charges; and the University has acted swiftly with zero tolerance,” said Ashley Mittelmeier, Director of Marketing and Communications.

In a prepared statement, Mittelmeier said the university is willingly working with police in the investigation.

“Alderson Broaddus University takes the safety of its students and campus community with the highest priority. We do not and will not condone any behavior on or off our campus that could put someone’s well-being at risk,” added Mittelmeier.

The three men allegedly assaulted and robbed a man inside his University Avenue apartment around 10:00 p.m. Wednesday, April 16. The victim told police the three men were in his apartment when they physically assaulted him then stole his wallet, laptop and drug paraphernalia.

The victim suffered minor injuries during the assault and declined treatment.

Ed Preston, Morgantown Police Chief, said the victim and suspects knew each other.

“A lot of the victims are victims of their lifestyle meaning they were engaged in activities that makes them vulnerable to being victimized by some other predatory individuals. Case in point, typically it revolves around the sale or use of drugs,” Preston said.

Wing, Cobb and Eppard were all charged with a single count of robbery.

Mittelmeier would not comment on specific information about the students but said university officials taken action on campus.

“Extra measures have been taken by our own campus safety office to insure our campus continues to operate in a safe manner. Because this is an ongoing investigation, we have no further comment,” said Mittelmeier.