Beechurst Avenue: Finished by the return of WVU students?

Division-of-HighwaysMORGANTOWN, W.Va. — A spokesperson with the West Virginia Division of Highways maintains work on Beechurst Avenue is on schedule.

The 1-mile project began in June but drivers had not seen actual repaving until Thursday.

“This just doesn’t involve paving. I think that’s why people were getting a little scared and where these fears were coming from because we had to make all of the
curb cuts ADA compliant. So, we had to make all of those accessible,” explained Carrie Bly.

More than 50 curb cuts, wet weather and contractors managing multiple projects have interrupted continue progress on the street through Morgantown, according to Bly.

The DOH did set a deadline for paving prior to next week’s WVU student move-in days.

“We started the milling and paving on Sunday. We anticipated to have it done by the end of the week and it looks like we’ll be doing that,” Bly confirmed.

Still, Mountaineer Contractors has until October 14, 2015 in the agreement with the state.

“We still will have to come in during the night and put down the pavement markings and still do some work to the curbs,” added Bly.

Repairing and resurfacing Beechurst Avenue is a $530,000 dollar project.

Regardless of how the work progresses before the fall deadline, Bly said the company performing the work is aware of agreements with WVU to avoid traffic tie ups during the
busiest times on and around campus.

“It’s typically written into these contracts that they cannot work during move in dates and games and big events like that,” Bly said.

Meanwhile, work continues on University Avenue between North Avenue and Overhill Street.

The City of Morgantown project includes improvements and additions of crosswalks, a traffic signal and sidewalks.