Bogus dope deal leads to Morgantown shooting

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Two men were arrested after a shooting early Saturday morning in Morgantown that resulted from an attempted robbery during a fake drug deal.

Police charged Edward Kolleh, 29, and Ethan Horseman, 20, with first degree robbery and conspiracy. Horseman was also charged with unlawful wounding.

Morgantown police Chief Ed Preston says a WVU student from Calhoun County was shot at around 1:30 a.m. Saturday in the 900 block of College Avenue. The condition of the victim wasn’t immediately available.

“The investigation shows that two individuals were invited to an apartment to make a purchase of marijuana,”Preston said,”When they arrived it was actually a set up.”

One suspect was hiding in a closet, another suspect was negotiating the transaction. Next, a code word is given and one suspect jumps from the closet with a shotgun. The subject that set the deal up produced a handgun and a fight ensued over the weapons. During the struggle the student was shot in the hip.

As they flee the scene Preston says Kolleh and Horseman fired multiple shots inside and outside the apartment trying to hit the victims.

“The suspects called 911 to report someone tried to rob them of their marijuana,”Preston said”We show up to start our initial investigation, and the hospital calls to tell us there’s gunshot victim at the hospital.”

It was the second shooting within 24 hours in Morgantown. A separate shooting Friday morning claimed the life of WVU student Eric Smith. That occurred at the WVU-operated College Park Apartments.

Preston says although both shootings appear to be planned acts of violence they are not connected.

WVU Police issued an alert after gunshots were reported. The all-clear was given about an hour later. The location of the shooting was off-campus, authorities said.

Morgantown police are investigating.