Williams sentenced to 25 years for 2011 murder

MORGANTOWN, W.Va.– A 25 year prison sentence has been handed down for Quintin Bolden’s 2011 in murder in Monongalia County. Thomas Williams sat emotionless and did not make any statement during Tuesday’s hearing in front of Judge Phillip Gaujot.

Williams avoided trial and potentially life in prison by pleading down to second-degree murder in February and accepting the agreement with prosecutors that called for the 25 year sentence. According to police, Williams shot Bolden then dumped his body in Cheat Lake.

Bolden’s mother, Amy Nunn, addressed the court during the hearing and spoke directly to Williams.

“I want to forgive you, but you disgust me,” she told Williams. “I hope you’ve asked for forgiveness from God.”

Nunn said in the time her son was missing, Williams denied knowing where he was and even helped in the search for Bolden. Nunn stated that she asked Williams if he knew where Bolden had gone and Williams became angry with her.

“I faced you that day and asked where he was and I knew from that day that you killed him,” Nunn said.

Even as Nunn looked directly at Williams, his expression remained cold and showed no emotion.

Bolden was first reported missing in November 2011. Williams initially reported to police that he’d dropped Bolden off near the Wiley Street Dairy Mart and had not seen him since. Bolden’s body was discovered in January 2012 in Cheat Lake. Police used witness statements and evidence, including carpet removed and blood from the floor of a Bitoni Street apartment, to build the case against Williams.

Two other people involved in concealing the body have had their cases heard by the court.