Clarksburg Council Honors Bailey After 16 Years of Service

CLARKSBURG, W.Va. — Four-term councilwoman Margaret Bailey lost her bid for a 5th term on Clarksburg City Council after June’s election, but was honored by her colleagues at Thursday’s City Council meeting for her 16 years of service to the City.

“It has been an experience that is very hard to describe because it’s meant so much to me,” said Bailey.

Bailey was presented with an honorary plaque before the Council Comments period, which were entirely dedicated to remembering her time on Council. Councilwoman Jim Malfregot described her as Clarksburg’s “biggest cheerleader” due to her endless dedication to the city.

“If I am Clarksburg’s biggest cheer leader, I am just so proud to here that,” said Bailey.

Bailey did say that leaving council would be a painful experience in the beginning–calling her fellow council members and her constituents her family.

“It’s very painful because I have truly dedicated my life to the City of Clarksburg for the past 16 years, and it has been a labor of love,” said Bailey. “And the citizens of Clarksburg have indeed been my family.”

While Bailey said she’s proud of many things during her sixteen years, she hopes that her longevity on the Council will pave the way for other women to serve in local government.

“I hope I’ve been able to break that ‘glass ceiling’ so that more women can become involved with city government and know that they’re voice is strong and know that this is not just a man’s world,” she said.

Bailey also left a word of advice for new council members now and in the future: be patient with yourself in the beginning, but truly make sure that every project you undertake is something you care about.

“If you don’t care about something, you can’t like it, you can’t love it–nothing else,” she said. “But if you care about something, then it can grow.”