Diverse team set to tackle long-term Woodburn redevelopment project

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – Morgantown city council is considering a partnership with several agencies to redevelop nine to 11.5 acres in the Woodburn area. The Monongalia County Development Authority, WVU and county commission would redevelop property purchased from the Giuliani family for 11.8 million.

President and CEO of the Morgantown Area Partnership, Russ Rogerson will assist the group creating the plan that is not on a set timetable.

“A mixed used development with various types of housing as well as small retail,” Rogerson said,” Connectivity, walking, biking and car traffic to the university, to downtown and to the trail system.”

Due to the location and size of the parcel there are many opportunities, but formulating the plan will be a deliberate process, according to Rogerson.

“Most likely we won’t be executing any construction for well over a year because of the planning process,” Rogerson said,” Because of what we need to go through to prepare and be ready to start doing something where you’ll see the difference.”

City council members approved allocating $60,000 per year, over the next three years from the Wiley/Brockway/Spruce TIF district to get the project off the ground.

“We think this project will last two to three years,” Rogerson said,” We look forward to really setting the standard for redevelopment in Morgantown and also how to work together to accomplish great things.”

Local developer Dave Biafore will offer his market experience to help target the right type of dwelling or retail location in the right place. Mayor Ron Dulaney praised the efforts of Rogerson to bring the diverse group together.

“Your approach of pulling the county, the city, the university and private developers together is a great opportunity for us to show we can work together and bring a really excellent development to our city.”

All side believe the “team” approach will help keep progress moving and add the expertise to solve issues that will come up along the way.

“We all share the goal of doing an exceptional project here, that everyone can walk away and have won,” Dulaney said,” In terms of what’s most important to each of us.”