DOH supervisor attends Mon County Commission meeting

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – DOH District 4 supervisor Darby Clayton attended the most recent Mon County Commission meeting.

Clayton says patching is ongoing on Stewartstown Road and the Halick Bridge project will soon be bid as a design-build project. Clayton also told commissioners Mon County has benefited from a pilot program launched by the Justice administration.

“Some of the work we’ve doing we’ve actually had the ability to put out the work through purchase orders,” Clayton said,”Some the ditching that’s been done in Mon County has been done by contractors, to help our state forces out, and some of the patching, so, we’re trying that as a pilot program and Mon County was the first one in the state to do that.”

Commission president expressed concerns to Clayton about the interactive map creates confusion and would like to be able to overlay the map onto the GIS system to keep track of maintenance progress.

“We’re a maintenance organization, we’re never going to be complete,” Darby said,”We ditch a road, it might need maintenance after the next rain event. We might ditch and call it complete and you guys look at it two weeks later and we’ve had a rain, it might need to be ditched again.”

Darby added that despite a very wet June the weather has been very good for his crews and he hopes good weather for work will hold through most of December.