EMS Director: Cost of Naloxone Rising

CLARKSBURG, W.Va. — The use of naloxone to combat drug overdoses could become widespread now that it’s legal in West Virginia, but Harrison County EMS Director Rick Rock is concerned that the rising prices may limit the impact of the new legislation.

“Because of those limitations, it’s not being used as much as it could,” he said.

Rock estimates that one shot of naloxone could now cost anywhere between $350 to $400. And, according to Rock, it’s not only the cost of naloxone going up. Epipens now are more expensive too.

“Even epipens, which everyone is now allergic to different things, but all the costs of the pharmaceuticals are going up,” said Rock. “And there’s more compliance. It’d be nice if those costs would be able to be reduced, and I think there’d be a lot more usage.”

But Rock said that those obstacles won’t get in the way of the primary goal of the Harrison County EMS–safety.

“I believe that in Harrison County we have one of the best EMS systems,” he said. “And travelling throughout the United States and being involved with it, we see that we’re very luck in that we have a top-tier system here.”

Rock also said that the importance of the pioneers of early EMS volunteers can’t be understated.

“I always like to say we always appreciate those who came before us because without their dedication we certainly wouldn’t be here with the history that we have,” said Rock.

The Harrison County EMS will celebrate it’s 50th anniversary next year.