Fairmont council rebukes Bledsoe, Walker willing to talk

FAIRMONT, W.Va. – Fairmont city council members have voted to rebuke fellow councilor Barry Bledsoe for comments he made on his personal social media account. Bledsoe referred to Democratic vice president candidate and California Senator a “hoe” and called Danielle Walker “satanic” for supporting activities like Drag Queen Storytime.

Bledsoe contends his remarks were not meant to be racist or degrading, but rather a description of his reaction to her policies.

“I don’t care what her race is, I don’t judge people based on their race or their sex or nationality,”Bledsoe said,”I based it on her actions and that was what the entire comment was about.”

Walker said people, especially elected leaders must treat others with respect and dignity.

“That one post on Facebook, on social media was a call to action for me,”Walker said,”It was a call of action to me, it was a slandering and smearing effect to my well-being and my life.”

After Bledsoe made the comments in August more than 100 people, including local elected officials attended the next council meeting to voice their concerns.

“It’s very frustrating and really disgusting that she has turned that around to make the post something it’s not so she can gain political points and headlines during election season,”Bledsoe said,”And other politicians are jumping right on her coattails.”

Delegate Walker says it is not out of the question to sit down and talk, but she would like for Bledsoe to initiate the meeting.

“I say all the time that I am more than will to sit down with the councilman, this is the only way we can grow,” Walker said,”I’ve made my public statements that I’m will to chat with him and I need to make a public statement by accepting that.”