Giosi stepping away from Talk of the Town

MORGANTOWN – Sarah Giosi announced Thursday morning on WAJR’s Talk of the Town, she is not returning to her role as co-host and will focus her attention on her family. Giosi has not appeared on the show since the sudden death of her husband, Jeff Giosi, on January 23.

“This is what I call one of these secondary losses. The obvious loss is Jeff but there are all these secondary losses and this chapter of my career ending was not a planned secondary loss. It will be a loss because I love it,” Giosi said on the show on Thursday.

Giosi has helped lead discussions on issues important to the local community for the past three years, covering topics ranging from politics to community development.

Taking over as co-host in August 2017, Giosi was intially scheduled for a one-day guest host stint with co-host Dave Wilson. However, that turned in a week long run and ultimately being offered the job permanently.

“Honestly, after one show I knew that she was perfect the job and asked her to co-host for an entire week. After that week there was no need to audition anyone else for the job,” Wilson admitted.

Talk of the Town airs each weekday morning from 9 to 10 on WAJR in Morgantown and WKMZ in Morgantown.

Dave Wilson will continue as the host of Talk of the Town.