Giosi taking extended leave from Talk of the Town

MORGANTOWN – Sarah Giosi, co-host of Talk of the Town on WAJR and WKMZ, announced Monday on the show that she will take extended leave as she continues to deal with the unexpected death of her husband. 

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“Taking some time for myself and obviously, my top priority is my boys and taking time to help them heal and grieve. There’s a lot of logistics that go into that have to be tackled. If you think it’s difficult to lose someone, it’s extra hard during a pandemic,” Sarah stated on Monday. 

Jeff Giosi, 40, died suddenly on Jan. 23, 2021 from an aortic aneurysm. Sarah has not appeared regularly on the show since his death. 

“I’m really grateful to WV Radio. I’ve been able to take some of my family leave to get some things taken care of. It is fully my intent to return but I’m going to be taking some more time.”

Sarah joined, co-host Dave Wilson on Talk of the Town in 2017 and intends to return to her role with the show sometime in May, following a public memorial for Jeff that is scheduled for the weekend of April 9-11. 

“I’ve seen the outpouring of love and caring from some of the regulars on the show from listeners, to state senators, to city councilors, it’s been really special.”