Harrison County Commission approves levy rates for upcoming fiscal year

CLARKSBURG, W.Va. — As the last part of constructing the budget for the upcoming fiscal year, the Harrison County Commission adopted its levy rates.

“The general levy rates remain the same for the next fiscal year as this current fiscal year,” County Administrator Willie Parker said. “Based on evaluations, the commission felt that no increase would be justified.”

The rate will be 12.6 cents for every $100 in assessed value for Class I properties –few such properties remain, according to Parker. For residential –Class II– properties, the rate will be 25.2 center for every $100 in assessed value, and for commercial –Class III and IV– properties, the rate will be 50.4 cents per $100 in assessed value.

Parker said the only change will be in one of the levies voted upon.

“The vital services levy went up slightly as authorized and directed in the levy call by the citizens and then the mass transit levy remained the same.”

It is allocated to go up between three and five percent based on evaluation.

The vital services levy funds things such as ambulance service, courthouse security and parks and recreations, while the mass transit levy focuses on the CENTRA bus service.

The approval of levy rates is typically one of the last steps in creating the budget for the upcoming fiscal year. The commission recently had its proposal looked over by the State Auditor’s Office.

“We received a budget approval letter back in the first part of April,” Parker said. “That department approved the budget as it was submitted by the Harrison County Commission.”

Despite the budget’s approval, Parker said the commission will be able to make adjustments if need be.

“July 1st, we’ll come in, we’ll take a look at any revision that may be coming after July.”

The Harrison County Commission was just one of many levying bodies in the state to take action today. State statute requires such organizations set their rates by the third Tuesday in April.