Harrison County graduation ceremonies announced

CLARKSBURG, W.Va. – Graduation ceremonies for seniors in Harrison County have been announced for late June. On Talkline Dr. Mark Manchin said the ceremonies will be outside following CDC and local health department guidelines.

“Life has to go on, so we plan on having them outside,” Dr. Manchin said,”We actually are going to have six graduations. We have five high schools plus a United High School for some of our at-risk students who have their own graduation.”

Here is the schedule of ceremonies for each school:

  1. Bridgeport High School, June 27, 9 AM; rain date June 28 at 9 AM
  2. Liberty High School, June 25, 9 AM; rain date June 26 at 9 AM
  3. Lincoln High School, June 27, 7:30 PM; rain date June 28 at 11 AM
  4. Robert C. Byrd High School, June 26, 7 PM; rain date June 27 at 11 AM
  5. South Harrison High School, June 25, 7 PM, rain date June 26 at 11 AM
  6. United High School, June 22, 6 PM; rain date June 23 at 6 PM

School officials have been working with the Clarksburg-Harrison Health Department to make sure the events can be held in a safe manner.

“Students will be sitting on the football field, we will socially distance,” Dr. Manchin said,”we will mark off in the stands six feet social distancing for the parents. Right now we’re still debating on the number of tickets, we will allow two tickets right now.”

Dr. Manchin says he remembers his graduation as a very important time in his life and wants to provide that memory for these students.

“I just think it’s so unfortunate for these children who have put 13 years in and not have this special moment,” Dr. Manchin said.

Dr. Manchin says these events are important way to bring some sense of normal back to our lives.

“We have to start back and I think one of the ways that will open up this county, open up this state and open up this country is high school graduations,” Dr. Manchin said,”There’s something that is cathartic about a high school graduation.”

Manchin says the risks have been carefully considered in making the decision to hold the ceremonies.

“Please don’t believe or thing we’re not concerned,” Dr. Manchin said,”But, we also have to reconcile life, and we have to live.”