Health and Wellness Commission officially open for volunteer panelists

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Morgantown City Council is looking for volunteers to join a panel that aims to improve the quality of life and health in Morgantown.

A recent ordinance passed by council established the Health and Wellness Commission, which aims to bring a variety of medical experts and Morgantown residents onto a panel that advises City Council on any potential policy change that could affect the well being of Morgantown residents.

“We had some planning meetings over the summer, we got experts together, we got townfolk together, and we talked about the things that we can do to make Morgantown a healthier, safer place to live, improve quality of life and effect some of our negative health indicators all at once,” Councilman Ryan Wallace said Tuesday on WAJR’s Morgantown AM.

The newly passed Health and Wellness Commission is expected to consists of nine people. Six of them are expected to possess expertise in some capacity of health and wellness. There will also be a member of BOPARC on the commission, a college aged resident, and a member of city council.

“Community health and wellness, event planning, public health, health promotion, health policy, grant writing, medical care, mental health, treatment of substance abuse and community safety,” Wallace said.

Wallace said the Health and Wellness Commission will have a number of goals, include bringing a YMCA into Morgantown, working with WVU to create a “Blue Zone,” and to work overall towards a healthier Morgantown.

“It’s a pretty broad spectrum, but the idea is to get a group of people together to focus on the things that make Morgantown a healthier place to live,” he said.

All spots on the Health and Wellness Commission are available. You can sign up at the Morgantown City website.

“If you want to contribute to the health and wellness of Morgantown, sign up,” Wallace said. “Go to our website, click on the link there, read all about it. There’s a little blurb there, but get yourself involved. We would really like to have you on board.”

You can also sign up by contacting the Morgantown City Clerk.