Health officials investigate positive COVID cases in two fully vaccinated people

TAYLOR COUNTY, W.Va. – Grafton-Taylor County Health Department officials say two fully vaccinated residents have tested positive for coronavirus.

“We have two cases of people that were fully vaccinated and they were past their two-week after the second shot for the full efficacy period to be in place,” Public Health Threat Preparedness/Crisis Response Coordinator from the Grafton-Taylor County Health Department, Shawn Thorn said,” Who through surveillance testing of their employment were picked up as asymptomatic positive individuals for COVID.”

Samples from both people are being sent to the DHHR to determine if it is a variant strain while officials try to unravel what may have happened.

“It’s possible that someone could have the virus in their nasal area where they were swabbed for testing,” Thorn said,” But, never actually become infected in the body itself.”

The Pifer-BioNTech vaccine contains one active ingredient- messenger ribonucleic acid or mRNA. There are components of virus, active or dead in the vaccine.

“There is no trace of the virus what so ever in the vaccine,” Thorn said,” The spike protein that’s created is not the virus, it’s a calling card for the virus so the body knows there’s something here that shouldn’t be so we can kick it out.”

The discovery highlights the importance of social distancing and following mask guidelines.