Hospitals: No Visitors Allowed

MORGANTOWN – No visitors are being permitted at WVU Medicine and Mon Health System facilities as the effort to slow the spread of COVID-19 continues. 

Hospitals, offices, and clinics are off limits to visitors for the foreseeable future with only a few exceptions.  WVU Medicine is making exceptions for end-of-life cases, pediatric patients and OB patients. Those patients will be limited to one visitor and visitors who are sick will NOT be permitted under any circumstances. 

Mon Health System is also making exceptions for end-of-life patients, OB patients, patients undergoing invasive surgeries or other extreme circumstances. 

“We know this is very hard on friends and families, but safety is our priority,” said David Goldberg, President and CEO of Mon Health System. “We promise that these steps are being taken in the best interest of everyone’s health and will be lifted as soon as it is deemed safe to do so by leading health agencies.”

Visitors will be screened before entering facilities. Any visitors who do not meet the screen criteria will not be permitted to enter.