Justice surveys Preston County roads one week ahead of schedule

KINGWOOD, W.Va. – One week early, governor Jim Justice, Bryd White and Jimmy Wriston took a one hour tour of Preston County roads with commissioner Samantha Stone Thursday.

After hearing a resident describe the conditions of the roads during a town hall meeting in Morgantown the governor committed to making the trip next week. Due to scheduling conflicts the Justice made the change in order to keep his commitment.

Stone says with 1,200 miles of roads in Preston County and only an hour, she tried to show him as much as possible.

“The route that I decided to take him on was a good mix of what I call the good, bad and the ugly,” Stone said.

Stone says there has been more work done by the DOH in the last year than they have seen in the last decade and she praised Justice for that during the tour. She says the work is great, but how do we maintain it.

Stone said,”My big question to the governor was- how will maintain what you have done in the last year? We don’t want to get back to ground zero again.”

Stone says during the tour the trio recognized the severity of the problem.

Stone said the Justice told her,”You know what Samantha what you showed me today is bad, you should not be driving school buses over roads like this, the canopies need to be cut back. We’re working to devise a plan of action so we can continue moving forward and making porgress and we’re not going to stop until every single road is addressed.”