UPDATED: Lewis County Delegate wants Ten Commandment monument to stay in Jackson’s Mill

JACKSON’S MILL, W.Va. – Republican Delegate from Lewis County, Patrick Martin has sent a letter to WVU President Gordon Gee asking to leave a Ten Commandment monument in place on the grounds of Jackson’s Mill. The monument was given to West Virginia University by the West Virginia State Aerie Fraternal Order of Eagles.

“Our founding fathers believed that God granted us all with the inalienable rights of life and liberty,” Martin said. “We absolutely must encourage our leaders to stand brave in the face of our country’s division and to respect the principles upon which our great state and nation were founded.”

In his letter, Martin questions why the monument would be moved now when it remained in place during a 2012 renovation project.

Directly from the letter Martin said,”As a West Virginian, and as a Christian, I proudly embrace my faith and I allow it to guide me in my public service and my personal endeavors. I believe you would find most West Virginians to feel the same,”

Martin represents the the 46th district which is Lewis County and part of Upshur. He is a current candidate in the 12th Senatorial District that includes Harrison, Lewis, Braxton and Clay counties.

The WVU Extension released the following statement to WAJR:

“In recent days it has been reported that the Ten Commandments monument located at WVU Jackson’s Mill was being removed. Those reports are not true, and there are no plans to remove the Ten Commandments from the Mill.” – WVU Extension Service