MHS places in statewide alcohol abuse awareness contest

Students from three West Virginia high schools have met the “No School Spirits” challenge earning accolades from the WV Alcohol and Beverage Control Administration and a cash prize for their school.

This week, the WVABCA is recognizing those groups that produced a public service announcement on the risks associated with underage drinking.

Gig Robinson, communications official with the WVABCA, said the videos and essays submitted in the 2nd annual No School Spirits contest were impressive.

Morgantown High School students won 2nd and 4th place (honorable mention) in the contest for their message to their peers.

“One was titled ‘Consequences’ and the other was titled ‘Broken Promises’.  And, it really looked down the road and considered that if you would choose to not make decisions about your future and choose to drink to the point of inebriation you lose control,” explained Robinson.

Robinson said the MHS students focused their message on more than just the dangers of drinking and driving.

“Bad things can happen.  Falls can happen, fires can happen, and drownings can happen.  All sorts of other accidents can happen,” Robinson said.  “It’s really that the students of Morgantown really saw the big picture.”

Robinson said the annual contest, with a $1,000 grand prize, has drawn impressive participation.

“It takes everyone working together to address underage drinking,” added Robinson.  “When students create a message about that subject, in can be even more effective.”

MHS will receive a total of $550.00 for the award winning essays.  Winning schools must use the prize money for school sanctioned event or school equipment.

MHS will spend its $550.00 to fund the Mohigans Helping Mohigans food pantry and to bring in a guest magician for an educational presentation.

“This money is going to help bring him there.  That’s really great that not only do we have this program that got them involved, we were able to turn that money back around and do a substance abuse prevention program, Robinson said.

Next year, thanks to grant money, the program will be expanded with increased prize money.

A 60 second commercial, produced from the 1st place video submitted by Sissonville High School, will air throughout the state in April, May and June which is prom and graduation season.

Webster County High School was the 3rd place winner in the contest.