Mitsubishi acquisition of Bombardier expected to close in June

BRIDGEPORT, W.Va. – The Mitsubishi (MHI)$550 million acquisition of Bombardier is expected to close in June and North Central Airport Director Rick Rock is looking ahead to great things.

“Bombardier has been a great tenant on this airport for over 30 years and we certainly appreciate all they have brought to the table,” Rock said,”But, we look forward to the partnership with Mitsubishi.”

The sale includes maintenance, support, refurbishment, marketing, and sales activities for the CRJ Series aircraft. Mitsibishi will also assume $200 million in liabilities.

The agreement comes following MHI’s reveal of the SpaceJet, a redesigned version of the delayed Mitsubishi Regional Jet, at the 2019 Paris Air Show.

“I Look forward to it, I think it’s going to mean a lot of great things for many years to come,” Rock said,”We’re excited to see the announcement.”

Rock says MHI will bring new life to the under served regional jet market.

“Mitsubishi is just a larger company with a lot more resources,” Rock said,”I think they have the ability to come in and bring a different perspective”

Bombardier will continue to supply spare parts for regional jet aircraft.

Despite the loss of business through the pandemic, Rock believes Mitsubishi will grow and bring more aviation-related jobs to the airport.

“The amount of pilots and the amount of airplane mechanics, before there was a shortage,” Rock said,”We expect that at some point that’s going to go back to the case and that will mean good things for employment levels at the airport.”