Mon BOE approves plan to consolidate administrative services, purchase building in Sabraton

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – The Monongalia County Board of Education has approved to move forward with the purchase of the former site of MedExpress in Sabraton. On WAJR’s Talk of the Town Superintendent Eddie Campbell said the building well be the new home for all administrative services.

The purchase will also satisfy one of the goals of the Comprehensive Educational Facilities Plan that has been approved by members of the community.

” The intention is to for us to consolidate our administrative offices and bring everybody under one roof,” Campbell said,” We’re going to be able to accomplish that with a move into that building.”

Administrative services are now delivered from the offices at 13 South High Street, Suncrest Center, the Dorsey Center, the Westover Annex and space is being rented for Alpha Associates for technology use. Some of those buildings are in need of major repairs, according to Campbell.

” They are in significant disrepair. They need new roofs, new HVAC systems, significant plumbing renovations,” Campbell said,” And this is modern building.”

During the development of the Comprehensive Educational Facilities Plan, cost estimates indicated a new building to house all services would cost about $15 million.

“The price tag on this for us is about $6.9 million and we’ll spread that our over five years,” Campbell said,” So, this really has accomplished that goal of consolidating our administrative offices under one roof.”

The proposed building would double the current space available and is expected to be more efficient operate. Additionally, the location will be easier for the public to access.

” The new facility is a little bit over 30,000-square feet and it is a single floor facility,” Campbell said,” It’s ADA accessible, which is really important. Those other facilities are not up to speed as well.”

In addressing the size of the administrative staff, Campbell referred to the student body size and said they provide services other systems do not. Campbell said the administrative is vital to the academic success of every student in the county. Staff efficiencies are also expected by having the entire staff at one location.

” Many of these folks are paid for out of dollars that are generated through our excess levy,” Campbell said,” This community has overwhelmingly supported that excess levy for more than 40 years.”

No date has been set to occupy the building.