Mon County commissioners make major gift to Your Community Foundation

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Monongalia County Commission will donate $300,000 towards the Your Community Foundation of North Central West Virginia $1 Million Match Campaign.

The donation, will establish the Monongalia County IMPACT Fund, which will be used to help fund various scholarships and programs that would directly benefit county residents. With the donation, Mon County Commission becomes the first county commission to directly donate towards YCF’s $1 Million Match Campaign.

“The Monongalia County commission has been the first group or commissioners to say,” Yes, YCF we want to help you with your $1 Million Match campaign,” said YCF President Patty Showers-Ryan. ” Not only that, but at $300,000.”

The Monongalia County IMPACT Fund, will operate much like other IMPACT Funds operated by YCF. The unrestricted endowment fund, will use funds donated by a particular group to invest with the help of a full-time staff of investors which would then use the funds for needs directed as part of the donation.

“It will be unrestricted, so it will allow them to fund opportunities that don’t come up through their normal funding process,” said Monongalia County Commissioner Sean Sikora. ” So, it allows then to be more nimble and address real-time issues.”

With the $300,000 donation directed towards YCF’s $1 Million Match Campaign, it will allow for a separate $300,000 match to be directed towards the YCF IMPACT Fund, which directly benefits five North Central West Virginia counties. Much like the Monongalia County IMPACT Fund, YCF’s separate IMPACT Fund will invest donated funds that can then be used for residents in Preston, Marion and other counties neighboring or are nearby Monongalia County.

“This is a great benefit to our citizens,” Sikora said. “We can take dollars and double those dollars and have those dollars help our citizens and our regional citizens.”

Monongalia County Commission’s $300,000 donation, brings the total amount of donations directed towards the YCF IMPACT funds to $640,000. The $1 Million Match Campaign, started by an anonymous donor, will continue until December 31, 2022 or until the $1 million goal is met. With the commission’s donation, the hope is that their decision will encouraged other donators and fellow county commissions to follow suit.

“We wanted to step up and challenge the other county commissions and municipalities to also step up and take advantage of this great opportunity,” Sikora said.

Your Community Foundation serves Monongalia, Harrison, Marion, Preston, and Taylor Counties.