Mon County teachers concerned over notification procedure, waiting for COVID results

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – Mon County Health Department officials are calling the possible COVID-19 exposure to Mon County Schools employees low-risk. According to superintendent Dr. Eddie Campbell, because employees were wearing masks and were socially distanced the risk assessed as “low.”

The worker, from the transportation department was given an oral swab test Monday, August 24 after being in the training session the week before.

“The saliva test is only about 60 percent accurate,”Campbell said,”So, they wanted them to take the nasal test and the individual informed us they were to take that test today.”

The health department directed that person to isolate and advise the employees at the training session to self-monitor.

The AFT of Monongalia County made a social media post in support of the employees and urged them to quarantine at home if they believe they have been exposed. Regional representative, Neil Heard said notification should have been quicker, and it should have come from the board of education.

“We were not notified by the board of education, we were notified by a member who was at the training,”Heard said,”The folks there learned because of word-of-mouth, not the board of education.”

Campbell insists this situation highlights the importance of having and following a mask or face covering policy.

“We have got to really drive home the point that we have to wear face coverings,”Campbell said,”It’s not optional, it’s mandatory for our employees and students.”

“We may have dodged a very scary situation, that very well may be the case,”Heard said,”But, we need be sure we’re not putting ourselves in a situation where we even have to worry about that- we have to error on the side of caution and be as safe as we possibly can moving forward.”